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Dive into the epic underworld in stunning Tulum

What We do

A look at our services

Discovery experiences

Just for the fun of it. No classroom sessions, no certification needed.

certification courses

Valid worldwide. For anyone willing to take the next step.

& coaching

If you are a certified freediver, let's dive the best spots in Riviera Maya!

Where We do it

Tulum, the pearl of the Riviera Maya

The cenotes, clear and tranquil freshwater sinkholes alongside the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, make Tulum an unparalleled setting for learning and improving as a freediver. That’s what we call a freediving utopia!

Freediving Tulum Cenotes

Our Values

We strive to provide you with the experience that's right for you


Recreational freediving is a fantastic practice for enhancing your life and well-being. Without the pressure to perform or compete, you get to focus on the joy of being underwater.  

When you approach your dives in a relaxed state, your perception of time changes and a sense of peace envelops you. As your start diving deeper, you’ll become more confident about yourself and how much you can achieve with just one breath.

Over time, that confidence instills you with a serenity that helps you become more aware of your body and your surroundings to better deal with everyday stress. 


Though the prospect of breath-holding may sound daunting, there is nothing like the freedom of being at ease underwater. Of course, we approach both the ocean and the cenotes with the utmost respect, but we lead with curiosity instead of fear.

Because we know how exhilarating, liberating, and empowering freediving can be, we love guiding our students’ journeys to becoming safe, independent freedivers.

To encourage and facilitate freediving as a lifelong activity, we created a public and shareable map for you to find buddies, centers and instructors all over the world.

do you want to go freediving?

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