Apnea Total Freediver Course


The goal of the Freediver Course is to instill you with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve safe, feel-good dives as deep as 70 feet (21 meters). Understanding of the concepts of efficiency and relaxation, and how to apply them during your freediving sessions will open the doors to your success and enjoyment of your time underwater.

This course is suitable for absolute beginners and for people who have been freediving or spearfishing for some time who are looking to set the foundation to be able to progress further.


The topics covered during the theory are:

– History and development of freediving as a sport

– Ways to engage in freediving: depth and pool discpilines

– Necessary equipment and considerations when picking your own

– Equalization, techniques, and body positioning

– Pre-dive breathing and recovery breathing

– Basic diving physics and physiology

– Understanding of risks, preventive measures, safety protocols, and rescue techniques 

– Pranayamas with direct application to freediving



Course Structure

The schedule of the course is flexible to accommodate your goals, pace, and needs. A theory session (approximately 2 hours each) precedes each one of the dive sessions (2-3 hours each).

Dive session #1:

– Correct donning of freediving gear

– Effective in-water breathing position and technique

– Entry techniques for free immersion and constant weight dives

– Body positioning and efficient underwater propulsion

– Buoyancy checks

– Dives on the line to a maximum depth of 40 feet (12 meters)

Dive session #2:

– Warm up dives

– Fine-tuning of the pre-dive breathing technique

– Free immersion and constant weight dives to a maximum depth of 70 feet (21 meters)

– Buddy system practice

– Underwater rescues

– Surface safety and assistance

Course Pricing

If you have the time and your travel itinerary allows, you can add another dive session of 2-3 hours to your course. This way, you have the option to distribute the course content into three shorter days each. You can use dive session #3 to refine specific skills or to put it all together in a fun dive session as you explore a different cenote.

Two-day course: $300 usd

2 theory sessions, 2 dive sessions, 1 pranayama session.

Days typically run from 9 AM to 4 PM.

three-day course: $360 usd

2 theory sessions, 3 dive sessions, 1 pranayama session.

Days typically run from 9 AM to 2-3 PM.

All courses include:

– Instruction and in-water supervision

– Transportation from Tulum downtown to the cenotes and back

– All necessary equipment

– Cenotes entry fees

– Videos and photos of your dives

– Apnea Total certification