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Apnea Total Advanced Freediver Course


The goal of the Advanced Freediver Course is to introduce you to a whole different dimension in the world of freediving. Diving past 70 feet (21 meters) of depth requires a greater understanding of dive physiology and a smart approach towards the increasing ambient pressure. Over three days, you will gradually progress under the close guidance and supervision of your instructor. You’ll go from long static breath holds at the surface on day 1, to depth adaptation dives on day 2, to discovering your true aquatic potential by the end of the third day.

This course is aimed at freedivers who have completed the Freediver Course, or equivalent from another agency, and who want to take their freediving skills and depth capabilities to an entirely new level.


The topics covered during the theory are:

– Mammalian dive response

– Stages of static apnea and long breath holds

– Pre-dive breathing specific for static apnea, pool and dry training

– Mental challenges and techniques to overcome them

– Advanced breathing technique for deep dives

– Exhale dives and body preparation for greater pressure

– Pool and dry training routines and safety

– Risks and safety considerations for deep dives


freediver line sea adobe-1

Course Structure

The schedule of the course is flexible to accommodate your goals, pace, and needs. A theory session (approximately 2 hours each) precedes the dive sessions of each day

Pool session #1:

– Dry breath hold exercises

– Body positioning for static apnea

– Maximum breath hold attempts

– Dynamic apnea practice

– Safety protocols and practice

Dive sessions #1 & #2:

– Negative Pressure Static Apnea

– Pre-dive breathing for exhale dives

– Exhale dives on the dive line to a maximum of 80 feet (25 meters)

– Residual volume equalization

– Full-lung dives to a maximum of 100 feet (30 meters)

Dive sessions #3 & #4:

– Warm up dives

– Body positioning for maximum relaxation and visualization

– Streamlining for top efficiency

– Full-lung dives to a maximum of 115 feet (35 meters)

– Advanced / deep underwater rescues

Course Pricing

If you have the time and your travel itinerary allows, you can add another dive day to your course. This way, you have the option to distribute the course content into four shorter days each. You can use the fourth dive day to refine specific skills or to put it all together in a fun dive day as you explore a different cenote.

three-day course: $420 usd

3 theory sessions, 4 cenote dive sessions (45/60 minutes each), 1 pool session.

Days typically run from 9 AM to 4 PM.

four-day course: $490 usd

3 theory sessions, 6 cenote dive sessions (45/60 minutes each), 1 pool session.

Days typically run from 9 AM to 3 PM.

All courses include:

– Instruction and in-water supervision

– Transportation from Tulum downtown to the cenotes and back

– All necessary equipment: low volume mask, snorkel, freediving fins, 5mm wetsuit, rubber belt, weights, buoy, rope, and safety lanyard

– Cenotes entry fees

– GoPro footage of your dives

– Apnea Total Level 2 international certification